brunch table

Before this COVID-19 pandemic, Saturdays and Sundays were essential for me and my friends. If you think about it, every good weekend begins with a brunch and great company. In my opinion, restaurants, cafes, and bars are unique and special places. They serve an individual purpose in creating unforgettable instants. They unite friends and family, making each moment remarkable as it is important to enjoy the present and forget about our phones and the outside world for a while.

Brunch with my friends was a moment that I enjoyed and longed for. Time would run so fast at brunch that we wouldn’t keep track of it. We could spend many hours re-living great moments and telling stories. We would laugh the whole time we were at brunch, but let’s be honest, between drinks and drinks, who wouldn’t?

brunch table

I believe those moments and those laughs are necessary, and we should take advantage of them. With this said, I decided to create my own brunch table, and with my eyes closed, imagine I was in one of those places that I miss so much.

When decorating the table, I was looking for something colorful and refreshing. I found some tropical-style dishes and details in #TARGET that were perfect for this idea.


This was my final result. I hope you enjoy it!
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brunch table
tropical bruch table

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