brunch table

Today’s table is somehow different from what I usually try to project on my page, first because it is at my parents’ house in Caracas and second because it has many details that go beyond my budget. In the same way, I wanted to share them, taking advantage of the fact that it is Father’s Day, and I wanted to do a different activity with him.🤍

I often repeat myself telling my dad how much I love him and how truly proud I am of him. He is a strong, admirable man, respected and loved. I thank you for supporting me and pampering me, even setting up this table with me via FaceTime (it was very challenging, but we did it! )

Nothing would make me happier than being with him today, sharing a meal, hugging and kissing him. Although we can’t be together physically (because of the current situation), I still wanted to share this moment with him, laughing for a while!


Daddy thank you for helping me in every step of the way, thank you for your unconditional support and always watching me grow in every project I accomplish; If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to fight for what I want. Thank you for your bits of advice, critiques, and every gesture of love. Thank you for always helping me choose the right path. You are my hero, the greatest of all.

tropical bruch table
tropical bruch table