brunch table

As the end of the month approaches I wanted to leave the best for last, closing the month with this table, a dinner at the beach with warm and soft colors Combining some off-white plates with light pink plates and some shell shaped bowls. I used beige napkins with some acrylic napkin rings!

We ate a pasta “a la marinara”, made by @fabianacasale it was out of this world! We accompanied the pasta with a Chardonnay Robert Mondavi, a recommendation of @eglantinaontherocks her page is so helpful, I have learned quite a lot in their wine workshop! (If you would like to learn a bit about wine, I would recommend this page with my eyes closed) 

After a few months of quarantine this getaway was totally necessary and it was indeed enjoyed to the fullest, although we did not do many of the things I wanted (like going to more restaurants and shops) I’ve learned little by little that you don’t have to plan everything for it to be perfect, it is important to  live by today’s rules. One  day at a time, think about the present instead of focusing on the future.

This month ended with joy, and bright things for July I have many exciting things to share with you guys, I look foward to growing everyday  more and more!

tropical bruch table
tropical bruch table
tropical bruch table