brunch table

Today is the international hamburger day. How couldn’t we celebrate such a delicious food? In the field of “fast foods,” it’s the best one, and that is why I decided to have a burger themed table in its honor.

Ever since last week, I wanted to share the final results and all the details that I included for this table, I wanted to achieve a diner-style table with a classy/chic style. I combined the white dishes I had in my house with some bases that I bought in amazon in red with white.

When I was setting up the table, I realized that I had no napkin holder to decorate. After I thought about my options carefully, I decided to reuse the material of the bases and turn them into rings for the napkins! (It’s a matter of working with creativity above all, not necessarily overspending when we could reuse materials that we own while still obtaining a perfect delicate result).

brunch table

I bought a few glasses of my favorite beers (Stella Artois) that I loved!, Biodegradable straws (for all of those who are respectful towards our environment). As a matter of fact, your ideas are important to me. I hope I can please many of you by offering you different options for your table sets.

For this table, the flowers were not my main focus. However, I used a glass base (which I showed you guys on my recent stories) with some white flowers that gave my table that classy/chic final touch I was hoping for!

Everyone has a free pass to cheat on their diet today!

Who else is a huge fan of hamburgers? @tastyburgerusa

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tropical bruch table
tropical bruch table
tropical bruch table

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